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Lou Ferrigno Endorses BleedStop™ for People on Blood Thinners
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Blood Thinner Patients Should Not Be Without This

BleedStop™ is guaranteed to and will stop your bleeding if you are on a blood thinner or your money back. BleedStop™ is used by emergency rooms across the country to stop bleeding in blood thinner patients — give yourself access to the same, life-saving technology that they have. Be prepared — Buy today:

Box of Three 15 Gram Pouches

How BleedStop™ Works

BleedStop™ is a plant-based material in a powder form that, in terms of chemistry, has had its molecules manipulated to concentrate the platelets and other clotting factors of the blood almost instantly to create a natural clot that would otherwise take many minutes or hours to form. There is no other product in the world available to the public that works this well. BleedStop™ is the only product that is allowed by the FDA to claim “Safe in the Wound.” No other product available to the public is. If you are on a blood thinner, you can feel secure knowing with BleedStop™ you will be equipped to control whatever bleeding accident may occur.

“I am on blood thinners — it really works!”

“I cut off the end of my thumb using my table saw and was able to stop the bleeding with just one 20 gram pouch of BleedStop™ and I am on blood thinners — it really works!”

— Howard W., Waynesboro, PA

CBS recommends BleedStop™/StopsBleeding™ as a ‘Must-Have in Your Personal Emergency Kit’

Safe in the Wound

“I ALWAYS keep BleedStop™ around to be able to easily control bleeding in my patients who are on blood thinners.”

— Emergency Room Doctor, Dallas, TX

How to use BleedStop™