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“Would just like to send a shout out to BleedStop and my perfect beautiful caring wife. Just a regular everyday chore of pulling the lawnmower out of the ditch almost turned deadly the 4 wheeler turned up like it has a thousand times beforeā€¦ this time it went south and it landed on my hand and it struck a main artery. Blood flew and went everywhere I was quickly bleeding out I was worried and making moves as quickly as I could I got to my first aid pack in my truck. I picked it up and brought it to my front door asking my wife for help. We opened the BleedStop pack she pushed and packed it in my wound. I asked her to call my mom and dad they were there in 2 minutes or less my mom stayed with my wife and kids my dad rushed me to the urgent care I received stitches and antibiotics but I was told repeatedly they did not know what I used to stop the bleeding but it was awesome and may have saved my life. BleedStop is available at every Walmart in the camping section get it, have it everywhere, it is worth it. It just stopped my bleeding from a major artery and kept me stable until I got to a doctor period end of story. Have it with you at all times, it works. Thank you to my mom, dad, wife and BleedStop".
Matt W, Lake Charles, LA
This is a soldier whose neck had been sliced open deep by shrapnel. A pressure bandage had been applied for several hours, but no clot had formed. The pressure bandage was removed, BleedStop™ was applied, and within 2 minutes the bleeding had completely stopped.
“My first BleedStop™ patient, with a bad chainsaw laceration, which should have bleed for a couple of hours; it STOPPED bleeding in 30 seconds. The chainsaw gave him multiple deep cuts just shy of the femur, with active bleeding."
Dr. Niaz Farhat, ER Trauma Physician, Dallas, TX
“Recently my husband experienced a bad head injury and required stitches, thankfully we had BleedStop™ so we were able to stop the bleeding right away." When asked “Wow, that must have bled!" Ruthie responded, "Not with BleedStop™"
Ruthie G., Side Lake - MN
BleedStop™ used on a patient from a motorcycle accident at an Emergency Room in Fort Worth, TX