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Nosebleed Simulation — Under Pressure with BleedStop™ Nosebleed Strips

Woman using BleedStop™ Nosebleed Strip

Never Struggle With Nosebleeds Again

As an actual coagulant for nosebleeds, BleedStop™ Nosebleed Strips are the first real solution for people with mild to severe nosebleeds. These Nosebleed Strips infuse the technology of the BleedStop™ powder into a convenient and effective strip form. Pinch end of foam to conform to nasal cavity, insert, and apply pressure.
Box of StopsBleeding™ Nosebleed Foam Strips
Image of StopsBleeding™ Nosebleed strip
Nosebleed Strip Package of Three - $18.00
  • Absolutely Works for People on Blood Thinners
  • Safe in the Wound
BleedStop™ is FDA cleared for over-the-counter use to the public. The FDA also cleared BleedStop™ for severe bleeding wounds by Rx Prescription.